Arch Rock
Gold Beach area on southern Oregon coast.
2007 Photos, Page 2
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Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon. At 1943 feet deep, it is the deepest lake in the United States and is the
seventh deepest lake in the world. The color of the lake is something you have to experience to appreciate. The lake was
formed when a volcano erupted, then collapsed. There are no rivers that run into or out of the lake. It is fed by snowfall
and rainfall and any water loss comes from evaporation or seepage.
Wizard Island pictured here is a cinder cone that formed within the crater.
Phantom Ship
The Pinnacles
Joshua Tree National Park in southern California.
Petroglyphs at Joshua Tree NP. View at right is the Salton Sea from Keys View. The haze is compliments of Los Angeles.
Cholla cactus.
Ocotillo cactus.
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. We finally get to see a black bear!
General Sherman Tree in
Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP. This tree is
about 37 feet in diameter at the base,
102 feet in circumference and 275 feet
tall. It's approximate volume is 52,000
cubic feet. The age estimates for the
Giant Sequoias are between 1800 and
2700 years old. The largest limb had
recently fallen from this tree. It was
about 6 feet in diameter.
The General Grant Tree is about
40 feet in diameter and 107 feet
in circumference. It is
approximately 268 feet tall and
it's estimated weight is over 1250
This grove was originally set aside as the General Grant National Park in
1890 and this fallen log was used as an employee camp.
Yosemite National Park. It's two
most familiar sights are El
Capitan and Half Dome. Our
first day in the park was very
smoky due to a couple of fires
that were burning in the park.
The second day was a little
better for photos.
Views from Glacier Point of the Yosemite Valley and surrounding area. This park is very busy in the summer. If you plan
a visit, try it in the spring or fall and you might find a little less traffic. We visited in early December and were fortunate to
have very nice weather.