2008 Travel Photos Page 2
Lassen Peak
Snow "cave" art at Lassen Peak
Hat Creek in Lassen Park
Obsidian flow at Newberry Volcanic National Monument in Oregon
Paulina Creek Falls
Paulina Lake and East Lake with Obsidian Flow in foreground. The haze in the
air is from the forest fires in northern California
Lava Cast Forest was formed when lava flowed around standing and downed timber and formed molds of the stumps
and downed tree trunks.
Wildflowers along the Manzanita Creek trail.
Manzanita Lake and Lassen Peak
Manzanita Lake Campground visitors.
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Vedauwoo Campground. One of our
favorite dry camping spots. Located
just off Interstate 80 between Laramie
and Cheyenne Wyoming.
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