2009 Travel Photos Page 3
Our trip through Canada took us through Edmonton, Alberta so we had to visit North America's largest indoor mall. This
one has a Sea Life exhibit that includes a replica of the Santa Maria, a full size skating rink and an amusement park with
three large roller coasters.
Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. There is a very good museum here with information on
the construction of the Alaska Highway during World War II. Over 1500 miles of road, most through unknown wilderness,
constructed by the U.S. Army in just 8 months at a cost of about $138 million 1942 dollars. Can you imagine the cost and
time required for such a project today? The second photo is our windshield courtesy of a B.C. gravel truck as it went by
just north of Dawson Creek. You will probably see more of it on some of our "windshield shots" to come.
Along the Highway north from Dawson Creek.
Our stopover at the Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park in B.C. This is one of the "must" stops on the Alaska Highway.
Everyone stops for a dip in the springs. A very nice provincial park!
Heading into the Canadian Rockies. The road through the mountains could be a little rough at times with numerous
construction areas. Once in the mountains, most of the lakes were still at least partailly frozen.
Our site at Squanga Lake Provincial Park in th Yukon. Notice the car is a little on the dirty side. Construction taking it's
toll on car and motorhome!
More photos of the northern Rockies and our location as of May 29th along side Kluane Lake. This is the largest lake in
the Yukon and as you can see, it is still quite iced over. The owner of this RV park informed us that this winter the lake
had 7 feet of ice and that they recorded a -62 degrees. Not where I want to be in winter but it sure is nice in springtime.
You can also see some of the many miles of dirt road that we traveled. This area is a real pain for the highway folks due
to the permafrost. The highway heats up the ground, melts the permafrost and there goes the road bed. A battle that
they have been fighting since 1942!
Almost forgot the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake. Another Alaska Highway ritual. Motorists traveling the highway stop
and add their sign to the forest. Of course we couldn't pass by without adding something from Arkansas.
And of course there are the critters! We saw more black bears in two days than I have seen in my entire life! Driving
down the road and off in the distance you see a dark spot on the shoulder of the road. A little closer and it's "There's
another Bear!". Along with the bears, we have seen bison, moose, caribou, stone sheep, porcupine, fox, wild horses,
and of course lots of birds and squirrels.
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