2009 Travel Photos Page 7
Here are some of my favorite scenic views as we drove along the highways in the state. The upper left is along the Little
Tok River. The middle above is along the Richardson Highway north of Valdez. The next two are along the Glenn
Highway north of Palmer. The others below are on the Parks Highway just south of Denali National Park along with a
couple just inside the park. The fall colors here would rival those anywhere. Just keep in mind that fall starts in August!
I also have to include a collection of critter pictures from along the way. The sandhill cranes were from the Fairbanks
area and the moose from along the Richardson between Fairbanks and Tok. The Dall sheep and trumpeter swan were
at Denali NP along with the ptarmigan below. The young ermine (also know in Alaska as the Texas polar bear)  was
along the Steese Highway north of Fairbanks. And last but not least, a flock of sandhill cranes heading south telling us
that it is the time of year to be heading to warmer climates!
And here are yet more pictures of Mt. McKinley (Denali). Yes, I know I probably went with a few to many but it was too
impressive for me to include only one or two. These were taken from various locations along the park road to Wonder
We spent six weeks as volunteers at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge. Here are some aerial views of the refuge. We spent
some of our time at Deadman Lake Campground shown in the left and middle photo above.
The Tetlin Visitor Center above is the first visitor center as you enter the state on the Alaska Highway. The center photo
is the refuge headquarters in Tok (rhymes with poke). The trumpeter swan favors the refuge for breeding and while in
transit to other areas of the state.
Our transportation for the aerial views above along with the pilot and one of the refuge volunteers. More of the staff and
volunteers at the refuge visitor center. If you are into volunteering and want to have a great experience while doing so in
Alaska, Tetlin is the place to go. The staff goes out of their way to make sure you have a good volunteer experience.
They are all really great folks to work with.
One of our projects while at Tetlin was to enclose their pavilion  at the Deadman Lake
Campground. This was a nice project that turned out pretty nice even if I do say so
myself! The completed project below along with the staff who provided the direction. I also
had to include one picture from the road grading project. I still get to play with the big toys!
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Our campsite at Deadman Lake
campground. Oiling cabins at Tetlin